Tanzania: Impact of Cooking Energy Scarcity on Gender

CURRENTLY all regions of Tanzania are experiencing scarcity of household energy for cooking in particular firewood and charcoal with negative development impact to women and children who are inclined to spend long hours and walk long distances to fetch firewood also exposure to polluting smoke that is affecting their health.

Recently the Ministry of Energy and Minerals reported that due to development in the power sector, the problem of power rationing is now solved. However, solution to the prevailing scarcity of energy for household cooking to the majority of the low income population that relies on biomass fuels (firewood and charcoal) was not mentioned.

In broad terms, supply of energy services in Tanzania could be categorized into two groups namely: Energy for survival that include energy for household cooking that accounts for over 91% of the total energy consumed and energy for development that covers energy demand for industry, mining, commerce, transportation, agriculture and the service industry like hotels that accounts for around 9% of the total energy consumed.

mchuma July 20 2018 415 reads Print