Tanzania Gender and Sustainable energy network (TANGSEN) is a professional network advocating for women empowerment and increased access to modern energy technologies and services in Tanzania. The network is non-governmental, nonprofit making, non-political and gender sensitive. The network was established in 1998 through the support of ENERGIA and TaTEDO as informal gender advocacy network of profession. In 2009 the networks was registered as National Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (NGSEN) under the society Act 2004 in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Now the network is a compliant of the NGO Act of 2008 under the name “Tanzania Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (TANGSEN)”.

Men and women are accessing sustainable energy through equitable social, economic and cultural power relations in communities. 

To engender energy through advocacy, capacity building, awareness raising, information sharing and increase women's participation, control, ownership and benefits on sustainable energy technologies and services. 

To empower both women and men in order to actively participate in engendering energy for sustainable development and to promote increased women involvement in the energy sector through networking, Partnership and sharing of information.

Mandate Focus Area
The network focus areas are:Capacity development for engendering energy among members and development of the strong network.Action research for sensitization, awareness creation and shared learning among network members and other stakeholders.Communication and information sharing for the network partners and relevant stakeholders for facilitating gender and energy services in rural communities.Lobbying and advocacy for engendering energy sector.Network strengthening and sustainability.

Expertise and past experience
TANGSEN expertise is based on promoting gender equality, gender mainstreaming and empowering men and women to access sustainable energy through equitable social, economic and cultural power relations. The strength of TANGSEN is built on its ability to unite professionalism of her different members to deliver solutions to the communities. Some of such members include private sectors (CLAPHIJO enterprises processing and marketing of solar dried agro - products), TAREA - Association of solar energy enterprises, line Ministries (e.g. energy and minerals, forests, agriculture, environment, community development gender and children), District Authorities such as Hai, Morogoro rural and urban, Kibaha town council; NGO's and CBO's such as TaTEDO, ANGAZA women center, TAWLAE- Association of women lawyers, ENVIROCARE - concerning with environment issues and pesticides effect; micro-financing institutions (MORAIEH). NGSEN engage with different stakeholders including policy and decision makers and government agencies for a gender responsive and pro-poor sustainable energy technologies and services in Tanzania. 

Past Intervention Projects and Programme
Capacity building training of 18 energy practitioners to integrate gender in the energy programmes and projects. Conducted in 2004 under the financial support of ETC-ENERGIA. Mainstreaming Gender in the up scaling access to Integrated Modern Energy and Poverty Reduction (UAIMES-PR). Conducted in 2007-2010 financed by ETC ENERGIA Gender Mainstreaming Capacity Building Workshop. Conducted in October 2010 and financed by ETC-ENERGIAPhase 1 Implementation of five year (2010 - 2015) TANGSEN strategic plan. A Programme to increase women and men access to modern energy through good governance and management. Implemented in 2010 -2012, financed by HIVOS of the Netherlands and ENERGIAPhase II Implementation of five year (2010 - 2015) TANGSEN strategic plan. A Programme to increase women and men access to modern energy through good governance and management. An on-going project July 2013 - July 2016 under financial support of Hivos of the Netherlands. 

Organization structure
The highest decision making organ is Annual General Meeting (AGM) and there is a Board of Directors who meet on quarterly basis to review TANGSEN progress. The TANGSEN secretariat is responsible with execution of day to day affair headed by the Executive Secretary. 

Official Address
Tanzania Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (TANGSEN) Near Urafiki Textile Mill, Urafiki Flats, Block No. 6075, Morogoro Road, P. O. Box 6159, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Telephone: + 255 732 202 742 / +255 222 401165 Email: ngsen@ngsen.org / ngsen2014@yahoo.com Website: www.ngsen.org